Arabesque Jewelers celebrates 34 years in Dec. 2012


We are a Green Jeweler specialized as Gold & Silversmiths doing most of our own repairs on premises. We also do watch repairs, appraisals, engraving, restringing, redesigning, and restoring of gold, silver and costume jewelry.


Arabesque believes that you are entitled to the best value that your money can purchase and that is the goal to which we strive for all of our customers whether it be purchasing a diamond or a simple ring sizing, chain repair or watch battery. You are important to us and we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for the last 34 years.


Karen & the rest of the team…


Arabesque Jewelers was established December 5, 1979 at 9412 Gravois in Affton, Mo. The price of gold was $800 an ounce and the hostages where in Iran. The name Arabesque was taken from the movie Arabesque which starred Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. Arabesque is a real word meaning never ending lines that form a design. At the very beginning this may not have applied to the business, but you will see how we have evolved into a green jeweler and how it is appropriate today.


After 18 months Arabesque Jewelers opened a second 1800 sq. ft. store on Telegraph Road in Oakville, Mo. I was in this location for 6 years, when I moved across the street into a 900 sq. ft. store and shop. I remained there for another 4 1/2 years.


It was during this time that I first began to design my own jewelry. Customers would come into the store, browse through the showcases and pick out pieces that I had designed. I would asked them how they knew what pieces had been designed. They would reply, “Because we know what you like to do, and that’s what we want”. People notice the pieces you make.” This seemed amazing to me but the customers liked my ideas and wanted something they couldn’t find anywhere else. I believe that if a piece of jewelry just sits on your body, it isn’t the right design for you.


My final location in Oakville was a 1200 sq. ft. location with nine cases, office, and workshop. At this location I not only designed my own jewelry but also began manufacturing it. Everything from wax to setup was done in my own shop. I also began documenting my designs with photographs so other people could see what I had done. We remained here for 5 ½ years.


Our best designs are not in the showcases, someone is wearing them. Never once have I duplicated a design. Be sure to browse the Custom Gallery where you will be able to view some of these designs.


Back to were we started…


In 1997 Arabesque Jewelers moved back to Affton, Mo. two blocks from where we began. In January 1998 Arabesque Jewelers received “The Most Improved Commercial Building Award” from the Affton Chamber of Commerce. A lot of hard work and improvement went into this site. We remained here until 2007 improving our designs, repair, hand engraving, appraisal and restringing services to our customers.


Our next location in Affton was at 7912 Gravois. We continued to give you the same high quality of service and designing that we always have. With the help of an associate jeweler who has over 30 years experience Arabesque now has the ability to hand engraving and laser repairs. Together we have a combined experience of over 65 years.


Arabesque Jewelers left Affton after 16 ½ years to open our new location at 2745 High Ridge Blvd. Suite 12 in Coachlight Plaza in High Ridge, Mo. 63049.  New phone number is (636) 376-3030. We are right off of Hwy. 30 at High Ridge Blvd. and another right into the first two story strip mall on your right.  Our hours are Tues. – Fri. 10:30 am to 6 pm and Sat. 10:30 am to 3 pm.  We are looking forward to our past customers and meeting new customers to service and design for. Our past customers will surely enjoy the parking.


I do all of the wax work, casting, cleanup, & minor repairs. Arabesque Jewelers specialty is that we will recycle your old gold into a new piece of jewelry using your stones or diamonds or we can furnish the material of your choice. Thus the green jeweler. By using your own materials, you are usually making something new and one of a kind for a ¼ of what it would have cost if you were buying new. We also specialize in the manufacture of silver jewelry and repair of serving pieces, tea services, candelabra’s, or anything sterling silver.


I love colored stones of all types from the most common to collector stones and am more than happy to help increase your knowledge of gemstones and why one cost more than another. My philosophy about the beauty of a colored gemstone is,”that if a particular one says something to you, you better buy it while you see it otherwise you may spend the rest of your life looking for it and never find it again.” If I pick up a stone three times there is something special about it and it becomes part of my inventory.


Example: my sister asked me to pick out two garnets for earrings. She happened to be there while I was doing this and saw that it took me 45 minutes to match two stones. She told me she had no idea that garnets where that different. It gave her a new appreciation for what a jeweler goes through to match stones, whether it is for earrings or in a setting.


If there is something you would like to know about us, please feel free to ask questions or fill out our Contact Arabesque form.