1257-  10mm round lapis color Cloisonné beads with pink catseye and sterling silver beads. Matching bracelet.  Both have an engravable heart and toggle catch.

1259-  This is a one of a kind enameled large drop necklace in white/black/red.  The beads are black onyx, red plastic and sterling silver.  Can be worn with for casual or dress. A must see!!

















1254-	Multi color Amethysts round bead necklace with a large carved oval dark Amethysts center and two medium sized dark carved ovals.  It has matching bracelet.  Gorgeous colors.

1255- Large 12mm round Cloisonné white/pink beads with pink catseye and sterling silver beads with an engravable heart.  It is 36” long and has a matching engravable bracelet.

















1251-  These are Blue Lace chip beads with a fancy shape drop center brown with blue lace in it.  Fun necklace that goes with everything.

1252-  Black Cloisonné and pink catseye  sterling silver bead necklace and bracelet set with an engravable heart.  This one can be personalized.

















This is a Jade, Amethyst, and Rock crystal frosted bead necklace with a freeform Amethyst drop.  There are matching drop pierced earrings and bracelet completing this set.  So bright and cheerful and can be worn with just about anything. Everything is in Sterling Silver.